Switch Up by Big Sean ft Common (Review)

Review of Switch Up by Big Sean ft Common

You all love Common right? You may have even seen him on ‘Pimp My Ride’Big Sean has quietly been making a name for himself as well.  This all on the backdrop of a couple of scrapes with the law.

Big Sean has worked with some of the (current) biggest names in Hip Hop, such as, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco and The Neptunes.  He has also worked with one of Music Eyz favourites – 2 Chainz (hugely sarcastic).  So Big Sean is gonna be big right? In which case does ‘Switch Up’ deliver?

Switch Up by Big Sean ft Common

Review of Switch Up by Big Sean ft Common

Well we already know that Big Sean is quite a supporter of his G.O.O.D. Music crew. (Sorry is it just me or does that sound like something a primary school kid might make up for his group of mates?)  ‘Switch Up’ now makes it crystal clear that he will never switch sides

The track opens with signature Big Sean delivery, mid tempo rhymes and a slightly higher pitched delivery than we may be used to.  Base backing track and limited beats offer a good backdrop.  On the first and possibly even second listen this track hadn’t grabbed me.  On the third listen though, it just came together for me though.  No idea why, but many people may not give it 3-4 listens before forming an opinion.

After a few lines from Big Sean, Common kicks in.  Common just kills it and lifts the whole track.  Weirdly despite the fact they never sat in the same room during production, Common’s lyric seems to inspire Big SeanCommon‘s delivery is a little harder than we are used to seeing from the veteran and that has an impact.  Sean’s delivery gets tighter and slightly quicker and the production feels quality.

The track also makes it clear that Sean aint gonna take criticisms of G.O.O.D. lightly.  (Should we remove the earlier comment about primary school?)  “Self-employed, now you shelf-employed,” he rhymes before he reminds us that
“ain’t no such thing as new old friends.”

Big Sean has said that the track is in no way a reflection on Kid Cudi‘s split from Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. camp.  Sean has also made it clear there is no reference to Cudi in the track “Cudi wasn’t just my labelmate, he’s one of my good friends”.

Whatever the motivation and regardless of what ever is going on in G.O.O.D. the track is big.  No it isn’t the making of legends.  No you won’t be playing it to your grand kids.  But it is a good party style track that you will enjoy this summer.

What do you think of ‘Switch Up’ by Big Sean? Does Common add spice to the track? Let us know what you think by commenting below, tweeting @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.


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