Top 5 On Your iPod – Jonathan Sothcott (Film Producer)

Jonathan Sothcott – iPod Top 5

As regular readers will know, we have a semi-regular feature where we ask people in the public eye to list what’s hot on their iPod.  Essentially the Top 5 current tracks on their iPod.  Well we got speaking to Jonathan Sothcott and he agreed to share his top five tracks from movie soundtracks

British Film Producer Jonathan Sothcott

We ask British film producer Jonathan Sothcott what his Top 5 on his iPod is

Jonathan Sothcott (32) is a British movie producer best known for his blokey lads’ films such as ‘White Collar Hooligan’ and ‘Fall of the Essex Boys’. His latest movie, vigilante thriller ‘Vendetta’ starring Danny Dyer, is currently filming in London. Here Jonathan pulls the top 5 movie soundtrack tunes from his iPod.

Film producer Jonathan Sothcott with Danny Dyer

Film Producer with Danny Dyer, star of new film Vendetta

1. ‘Planet Earth’Duran Duran (single version) – The Business OST

For me ‘The Business’ starring my pal Danny Dyer is the ultimate lads’ movie – and I have no doubt that in years to come it’ll be as highly regarded as the likes of ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Withnail & I’. The 80s soundtrack is perfection and is every bit as glosyy as the lush location. Duran Duran really were bloody brilliant.

2. ‘End Credits’Hans Zimmer – The Dark Knight Rises OST

For the last 3 weeks every time I get in the car with Stephen Reynolds, the director of my current film ‘Vendetta’, he puts the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack on full blast and it has rubbed off. I love the Nolan Batman films, they are to me a much smarter reboot than the Daniel Craig Bonds and a key part of this is Zimmer’s amazingly epic orchestral score. Everything just feels so big and important with this on.

3. ‘No Easy Way Out’Robert Tepper – Rocky IV OST

If you were a guy growing up in the 80s, chances are you loved the ‘Rocky’ soundtracks. The ‘Rocky IV’ soundtrack, composed by Vince Di Cola, is the best for my money – its big and epic and pumping. ‘No Easy Way Out’ is the song that plays over Stallone driving to the airport to fly to Russia and it always gets me where I’m going a little bit faster.

Rocky Iv Soundtrack

Stallone In Rocky IV

4. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (Main Theme) – John Barry – OHMSS OST

I’m a huge ‘Bond’ fan and picking one track from all the movies is incredibly hard – but I think ‘OHMSS’ features John Barry’s best work and whenever I hear this track I just want to strap on some skis. No music has ever defined a series the way Barry’s did ‘Bond’ and this is him at his best.

5. ‘Main Theme’Francis Monkman– The Long Good Friday OST

‘The Long Good Friday’ is maybe my favourite British movie ever and I just love the main theme by Francis Monkman, its cool as fuck and just puts you right in the middle of the action. Stick this on loud in the back of your car, but just hope that Pierce Brosnan isn’t driving.

‘Vendetta’ is due to be released late 2013. More information at


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