Cry Like A Ghost by Passion Pit (Review)

Review of Cry Like A Ghost by Passion Pit

Honestly, when being asked to review ‘Cry Like A Ghost’, I had never heard of Passion Pit before, which is a mistake if mine. Their music is so refined and precise that it beats the quality of most chart fodder right now. The track mixes elements of pop, dance, alternative and rap all together and makes it look so easy that you want to hear more of this blended genre. From the gritty bass to the extroversive chorus everything is scripted well to form a great backing. The vocalists also match this and offer a great mix of distorted rap and reverbed vocals.

Review of new single  Cry Like a Ghostfrom Passion Pit

Review of new single from Passion Pit

Every production aspect, every effect put on the mixer and every word and note written, work so well against each other to produce a song worthy of a number one status. Definitely one of the best tracks to hit us this year, it reminds of you of ‘Princess Of China’ by Coldplay, but then goes even further creating an extraordinary effort in the process. If you haven’t heard ‘Cry Like A Ghost’ then I suggest you do because everything fits in this song, and well…I promise you’ll like it.

So take a listen to ‘Cry Like A Ghost’ by Passion Pit and let us know what you think. Add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz of post to the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Bally Athwal


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