Slip by Stooshe (Review)

Review of Slip by Stooshe

After a terrible morning of music, it was great to hand over the reins to Nats to review something a bit better than the last two.

So I’ve seen Stooshe perform live when they supported Nicki Minaj in Birmingham. Before I saw them for that first time, I didn’t really like their stuff as it wasn’t something that I would find myself drawn to. However the girls can really sing and perform so well together, they have great voices and superb harmonies.

Review of Slip by Stooshe

Review of Slip by Stooshe

My favourite song of theirs was Black Heart, it was so catchy when it would come on the radio. The style they have is so different from any other girl groupat the moment, it really does set them apart and give them an edge in the industry. It’s not just their style of music that does this however as their fashion style is also very different.

On pressing play on their new single ‘Slip‘ I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  It sounded a bit young pop to me, and something my younger sister would prefer to me. I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t really think this song was my sort of music I would choose to listen to, but if it was on I would listen to it.  I do have to give it to the girls, they are amazing artists and are definitely good at what they do, there is no denying that. The lyrics and beats are catchy and upbeat and the younger generation would definitely like this sound of music. The music video also mirrors this and is bright, vibrant and upbeat

It’s all about putting on a show and they have this under control no problem. They will be successful as a lot of people would like this style and sound.

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Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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