Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera (Review)

Review of Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera

Pitbull? Um Pitbull. Why of why??

With the introduction of ‘Feel This Moment’ you know instantly it is prescription Pitbull.  The light tinny beats and lack of bassline get intercepted by…some really weak Pitbull lyrics “ask for money get advice, ask for advice get money twice” – what the…?  Then Christina Aguilera kicks in with her powerful voice, however, I don’t know if it’s because she followed a Pitbull delivery, but she sounds like she is guilty of oversinging.

Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera

Review of the awful Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera

The cheese then really kicks in with a hammed up dance version of A-Ha‘s ‘Take On Me’.  Poor Morten Harket must be sad in a small dark room somewhere with his head dipped, contemplating his next move.

Pitbull then whines away some more inane lyrics, that you just can’t be bothered to listen to.  Christina then repeats the same chorus, which gets gradually more and more annoying each time you hear her belting out against the rubbish backing track.  What has happened to poor Christina, she released some great pop songs in the shape of ‘Beautiful’ and the real intro to her ‘Genie In A Bottle’ but now is restricted to this horrible cameo.

For a while I thought Flo Rida might have been the person I most detested who tried to pass themselves off as a rapper.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a new contender for worse rapper.

As you may have gathered from the review, I am really not a fan.  My verdict on this one is: Somebody rescue poor Christina Aguilera and get her back singing real songs.  In terms of Pitbull, I would rather somebody laid me down and poured cement in my ears so I would never have to hear that awful noise ever again.  Failing that send him to one of those places where they do the horrible testing on animals and use him as the guinea pig.  I wonder if his name was so closely linked to bulls#*% for a reason?

In short, awful song.  No skills rapping and terrible use of an A-Ha classic.

What do you think of ‘Feel The Moment’ by Pitbull? Have we been too harsh.  Do you like Christina Aguilera’s vocal? Well let us know by posting your comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.


One thought on “Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera (Review)

  1. I absolutely agree. The song is awful. There’s no originality – just a mixtures of songs from the past with poor rapping over the top.

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