Lethal Weapon Mix by DJPK (Review)

Review of Lethal Weapon Mix by DJPK

All Hip-Hop mixes depend on the context they are used in, whether its for solo listening or a house party, one wrongly mixed song can make it seem foul. Of course there needs to be a variety in production styles, rapping techniques, moods in the songs and tempos of the tracks. If there isn’t it turns into a bland, almost one rapper playlist which is boring.

DJPK March Mixtape Lethal Weapon Mix

DJPK March Mixtape Lethal Weapon Mix

On a first glance, everyone from Drake to Kidd Kidd are featured, which does offer a chance of it being a great mix. The mix has a very modern vibe to it, as it features songs with the futuristic trap hip-hop style and more electronic production. Ultimately it is a playlist for a big party and the DJ uses playful songs such as ‘Freaks’ by French Montana, sided with some more serious but still party tracks such as ‘Swimming Pools’ to produce a fun, light-hearted mix.

Freaks by French Montana

Freaks by French Montana

Amidst the playfulness, comes some desperation and hint of cluelessness. Some tracks don’t offer much but an extra four minutes to listen to and don’t add anything extra to the mix. These points are the low points as they just feel out of place, one exams is the use of Justin Timberlake‘s new track, ‘Mirrors’ which just doesn’t flow with the rest of the playlist.

Nevertheless this mix is not a bad effort as everything to make a good mix is near enough in the right proportions, just more time to choose more well fitting tracks will keep future DJPK mixes on the party high.


2)   Drake – Started From the Bottom
3)   Jim Jones ft. Swizz Beatz – Green Light
4)   YG feat. Young Jeezy & Wiz Khalifa – Playin
5)   French Montana/Nicki Minaj – Freaks
6)   Problem & Iamsu! – Understand Me
7)   Sean Kingston Feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa – Beat It
8)   E-40 ft. Busta Rhymes – On The Set 
9)   2 Chainz – I’m Different
10)  50 Cent Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd – We Up
11)  Nelly – Hey Porsche
12)  Tyga  Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Mally Mall – MOLLY
13)  Rick Ross – Box Chevy
14)  Justin Timberlake – /Mirrors
15)  Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
16)  A$AP Rocky Ft. Rico Love – Same Bitch
17)  The Lonely Island feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar – Yolo

Review by Bally Athwal


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