Sugar by Wanderhouse (Review)

Review of Sugar by Wanderhouse

Anybody that is in to american TV, may have kept their eye on the current season of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Watch.  Whilst doing some digging about music on shows we stumbled across a band from LA called Wanderhouse.  The band are fronted by Marie Moreshead a young singer with a hyptnotic voice.  The show is a modern-day interpretation of the classic tale ‘Beauty and the Beast’ where the heroine Cat (a detective) is helped by the Beast Vincent.

Beauty and the Beast on CBS

Sugar by Wanderhouse features on Beauty and the Beast

Apparently ‘Sugar’ by Wanderhouse features in the second season of the CBS show, just aired in the US.

On first listen to the track you are taken by the stripped-back music and the deliberate beat.  Very early in to the intro Marie‘s voice kicks in, even without singing a word, you can tell she is a bit different to some of the over manufactured pop music you hear at present.  Now this paragraph may not sound positive, but that is where you’re wrong.  She is a breath of fresh air.

Whilst Marie Moorshead voice has a hint of an Ellie Goulding influence, she also displays a distinctive delivery herself.  The music accompanying here is played at a pitch that really supports her voice and creates a complete package.  This is best displayed by the slightly orchestral part around two minutes from the end of the track, which brings a gentle lift, without ruining the flow.

If I was going to try to categorise the style of Wanderhouse in to a particular genre, which I hate to do, I guess it would be somewhere on the alternative pop to folk spectrum, although this really doesn’t the sound justice.

Wanderhouse Marie Moreshead

Wanderhouse fronted by Marie Moreshead

Now Wanderhouse are hardly a household name.  The numbers people tend to look at on social media sites are low.  Don’t let that fool you or put you off.  I genuinely believe that, on the basis of this track, Wanderhouse have a bright future ahead of them.

Take a listen of ‘Sugar‘ by Wanderhouse below.  Let us know what you think by adding a comment, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

You can also check out the rest of the material by Wanderhouse by wandering over to their Soundcloud


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