Want to Star in Avril Lavigne’s Next Video?

Here’s To Never Growing Up The New Single by Avril Lavigne Will Feature Fans

So loads of you have been out there watching the various music channels and thinking you would like a part of that.  Right?  When I was growing up, I always fancied being in one of those Dre ‘Chronic’ videos, or something fun by Madness.

Well now whether you are a ‘Sk8er Boi’ or not Avril Lavigne wants you with her.  Her new single ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ is released on 2nd June and she wants her fans to take part and appear in the video thanks to a purpose made app.  The single is said by Sony Music to “personify the party atmosphere” of her “fifth studio album”.

Avril Lavigne Invites Fans to Star In Video

Fans can star in Avril Lavigne’s video for new single

So to celebrate the release fans can appear in the lyric video.  All you have to do to take part in this momentus occassion is to get to the dedicated app on Facebook.  The app will feature a brief audio clip of the track and participants can either upload photos of themselves with Avril and/or photos inspired by the title of the song, OR they can sing-along the words to the song title and using the embedded video technology the app will capture and submit their clip.

But be quick the link is available until 27th March.


If any of you submit content let us know and we can look out for you, alongside Avril Lavigne.


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