Top 5 Girls Aloud Songs of All Time

Top 5 Selling Girls Aloud Songs of All Time

Whilst it is now widely known that Girls Aloud have split, following a tweet after their show in Liverpool last night, it would be easy to concentrate on the sad or negative aspects of the news.  Did they reform just for the cash? Was it to help Nadine and Sarah out of their holes?  Was it a genuine attempt to rekindle the popularity that went wrong?

But not us, we want to celebrate the girls glorious career.  After all, they are the biggest selling girl band of this millennium and we will all be sad to see them split.  However we celebrate by listing the Top 5 Selling Girls Aloud singles of all-time.

Top 5 Girls Aloud Singles of All Time

1. Sound of The Underground

This was the debut single, released after their successful triumph from Pop Stars The Rivals.  The track was a break from the pop of the time and showed a real intent from the girls.  ‘Sound of The Underground‘ sold a massive 635,000 and they never really got near that again.  It was a great pop track though, which is still played quite heavily to this day.

2. The Promise

Released in 2008 from the ‘Out Of Control’ album, ‘The Promise’ showed a different side to the girls both musically and most definitely in the look they went for in the video.  A more glam and glitzy look than we may have been used to.  Whilst it may have had a mixed reaction at the time, the public obviously liked it, selling just shy of 500,000 units.

The Promise by Girls Aloud their second highest selling single

The Promise by Girls Aloud their second highest selling single

3. Call The Shots

‘Call The Shots’ is one of Girls Aloud‘s biggest hits, yet failed to make the 2006 Greatest Hits Selection/Compilation, because it was deemed to be too downbeat.  However after its release in 2007, the girls and public proved that was the wrong decision.  Widely acclaimed as the most mature piece Girls Aloud conjured up, the song rests on an insanely catchy hook.  Largely regarded to refer to the fact women were now earning more and thus “Calling the Shots” the other back story was around failed relationships from one or two band members.

Call the Shots by Girls Aloud in Top 5 Selling Singles of all time

Call the Shots by Girls Aloud in Top 5 Selling Singles of all time

4. Something Kinda Ooooh

‘Something Kinda Ooooh’ is one of those classic Girls Aloud pure pop hits.  Its a real fun and upbeat pop track that reached number 5 in the UK charts in 2007 amassing over 250,000 sales.  The track is regularly played across numerous TV programmes and also featured on UK hit comedy film ‘Run Fatboy Run’

Girls Aloud Something Kinda Oooh

Something Kinda Ooooh features in top selling Girls Aloud Singles

5. Jump

Personally, ‘Jump’ is one of my least favourite Girls Aloud tracks, but the fact is it sold nearly 250,000 single sales, proves I am in the minority.  The song a cover of the 1983 Pointer Sisters track, featured on the soundtrack of Richard Curtis‘ RomCom ‘Love Actually’.  The track is one you all know and features the girls in the video with the film’s star Hugh GrantCheryl herself disagrees with my view on it stating in her autobiography that “everything else was downbeat” and Nicola Roberts stated “it was a turning point and everyone loved it”.  Everyone apart from me Nicola, everyone apart from me.

Whatever your personal opinion of the girls is or my opinion on individual tracks, one thing remains, Girls Aloud are a part of British pop history.  Sadly it seems that they are consigned to just that now, but we thank them for their music.  What we can say is that there are lots of good and great acts in this category now, such as Little Mix and Stooshe that we should concentrate on.  The Saturdays are still doing their thing and new ones are emerging such as Kiss Off, so the genre is in rude health.

All that is left to say is, good luck to Girls Aloud in the future.  All the best to Nadine Coyle, Cheryl (Cole), Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding.  We look forward to following your progress in your careers going forward.

So let us know what your feeling about Girls Aloud. Sad to see them go? Glad to see the back of them? Did you like their tracks? Was the Top 5 a surprise for you.  Let us know your views by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.

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