High Noon by The Lost Souls Club EP (Review)

Review of The Lost Souls Club New EP ‘High Noon’

There is nothing that I like better than doing a review of a band that you can feel in your bones is going to go one to do big things and The Lost Souls Club is definitely one of those bands. In a music scene where there are so many bands doing much the same thing this foursome really stand out for me.

If you like your rock hard and fast then you won’t be disappointed by the new EP from The Lost Souls Club. Very much classic hard rock but with a noir feel to their music the title track is full of great riffs and a strong vocal line from their front man. Their music has been likened to that of the White Stripes and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Review of High Noon by The Lost Souls Club

Review of High Noon by The Lost Souls Club

The EP contains five tracks. All have the usual obligatory ‘cheery’ rock titles. ‘Kiss Away The Sun’, ‘Shoot Me Down’, ‘We Are All Gonna Die Anyway’, ‘I Know I Spoke Too Soon’ and ‘Romeo’. There honestly is not a bad track on this EP – all have great guitar licks and vocals and will keep you awake as your car thrashes through the rain on some dark highway out there. If this EP is anything to go by then these guys are soon going to be playing bigger gigs than those listed below.

Have a listen to the tracks below and you will get a feel for their music which is dark, dirty and full of reverb and fuzz – great for any rocker or wannabe motorcycle gang member.


Having just signed to JL Booking agency (Nine Black Alps, Spotlight Kid, Passenger), The Lost Souls Club are now are touring with ‘High Noon’, their debut EP, which has already picked up glowing reviews in the UK and in Asia and Australia (where they toured in 2012). The theme running through the EP – from which the ‘High Noon’ title originates – is the idea of a showdown between two opposing sides of oneself: arrogance and insecurity. The mirrored image on the cover echoes this idea of duality.

‘High Noon’ was self-produced and recorded, apart from opening track, ‘Romeo’ which was produced by the eminent Sam Bell (Editors, REM, Bloc Party). With BBC Introducing already hailing them as a “Band to Watch” in 2013, this year is set to be a big one for The Lost Souls Club.

Tour dates

Confirmed tour dates are as follows, with more being added shortly to the live page of the band’s website at http://www.thelostsoulsclub.co.uk/#!live/c10fk :

March 19th – London – Surya

March 20th – The Boileroom – Guildford

March 21st – The Green Room – Welwyn Garden City

March 22nd – The Mother’s Ruin – Bristol

March 23rd – The Factory – Porth

March 25th – Southampton – the Joiner

Review by Doug Duffin


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