All Returns by Wolf People (Review)

New single ‘All Returns’ by Wolf People

Wolf People recently put out a new song entitled ‘All Returns’, which is acting as first single to their upcoming studio album ‘Fain’. If ‘All Returns’ is indicative of the rest of the record then it would be safe to say the music is a natural progression from their previous works on ‘Steeple’, more of a refinement rather than undergoing any drastic changes but that is to be expected with a second record and more importantly it’s a strong number!

Review of All Returns by Wolf People

Review of All Returns by Wolf People

The song showcases a very organic fusion of calm melancholy and heaviness, starting out slowly with a gloomy guitar melody and simple drum work that drops into a decidedly more upbeat instrumental. The verses are very soft and driven by Jack Sharp’s melancholic vocals while the choruses are contrastingly more punch and feature some distorted guitar work.

Old-school electric folk rock is pretty apparent yet the fuzzy guitars, slow tempo and raw production actually suggest a touch of conventional doom metal. Just think The Albion Band meets early-era Black Sabbath with a tiny hint of Led Zeppelin and you get a rough idea. I’m throwing out some pretty old comparables here so needless to say ‘All Returns’ sounds like a blast from the past in itself although I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. For me personally, the guitar work is the best element of the song especially the solo/breakdown at the halfway mark.

The full album ‘Fain’ is out on 29th April and the band has already lined up a series of pre-launch gigs in the UK:

28th March – Bedford, Esquires

29th March – Preston, The Continental

20th March – Sheffield, Detestival At Queen’s Social Club

10th April – London, Sebright Arms

Review by Al Westlake


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