Music for Poker Players

Music for Poker Players

Ever wondered why casinos play music 24/7? Some say that this is to get their players to feel comfortable, making them forget about time and the amount of money that they are losing. While there are people who can play even with music in the background, some prefer a quiet and peaceful ambiance to be in. These classy, laid back and relaxing types of music are the ones often played inside casinos. They are the very same sort of music that makes you feel calm and enlightened. Listening to them makes you simply enjoy life and all that it offers.
Setting a mood by playing music for online casino game players can be helpful. When playing for online casino websites such as, the majority of people tend to listen to music, particularly to help them concentrate and to block out external influences. For those who are playing live poker games, there will be times when the surrounding environment becomes a battle field of active players who are going all in and raising bets. By listening to some feel-good music, you can easily focus on your game. Most poker players listen to genres that suit their mood while playing the game. Antonio Esfandiari, a professional poker player once confessed that he listens to mellow music when he is stuck at a game. On the other hand, if he is winning, he listens to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” to help him become aggressive.
Poker professional, Joe Sebok once complained about not having enough confidence when playing because of too many loses. He also said that he keeps on second-guessing his decisions, which caused him to lose. To recreate positive mental response, he practiced classical conditioning. He listed to an old playlist, which created an environment where he remembered his great performances. This helped him get back to what he was before. As a result, he won the Mirage Tournament and in less than two weeks, he again won as the Heavenly Hold’Em Champion.
Types of music that can set the mood are categorized into different genre such as Bossa, Nova, pop and classical. You can listen to something that is ambient-influenced down-tempo type of music such as “Sexy Boy” by Air, “Amo Bishop Roden” by Boards of Canada and Zero 7’s “Destiny”. Some may listen to electronic music, jazz, or retro sounds. Whether live or online poker players, listening to these kinds of music uplifts them and creates a positive mental response that brings more confidence for them during games. It helps them concentrate on their hand plays and makes things less boring. The next time you’ll play for the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, you can bring along your mp3 player to help you focus while playing.


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