Drean by Cloud Boat (Review)

Review of Drean by Cloud Boat

Cloud Boat‘s newest track ‘Drean‘ is relaxed, calm but still keeps mystery. The track is made up of a simple acoustic guitar with echoed male vocals on top, the simplistic approach works well with the poetic sense of the songs. The lyrics are some of the best you’ll hear all year, being composed of three simple stanzas – (they’re too poetic to be verses). The lyrics speak of death and struggle but are an oxymoron with the subtle tone of the vocals.


cloud boat drean review

Review of Drean by Cloud Boat


The reverb and live aura of ‘Drean‘ can be associated with the XX easily; the ending features some bass which creates a warm pad sound a trick used very much by the XX. Easily, the best part of this track is the song-writing that uses several features, for example: personifying death; whereas most rappers/pop songwriters wouldn’t even know how to personify something.

The lyrics are sung softly and because of this they have a bigger impact when you read them because of the contrast, also they give enough information but don’t give the game away completely and become literal. This is something only talented songwriters can do. This song just shows that some time writing songs can be just as good as crazy musical production most people opt for.

Review by Bally Athwal


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