Blackout by Wretch 32 ft Shakka (Review)

Review of Blackout by Wretch 32 ft Shakka

Wretch 32 has been away for a while and his return isn’t just very powerful, but well needed for the UK rap industry.  Interestingly the beat on ‘Blackout‘ starts off with clubby synth following his unexpected track ‘Pop‘ hinting the album will be about two persona’s.  Shakka starts the anthem off, with his great chorus that develops with high vocals chanting “let their be no light” until we get into the first verse. Wretch 32 comes in with some heavy drums behind him which then become full of bass and his flow is on par with his best work previously.

blackout wretch 32 ft shakka cover

Review of Blackout by Wretch 32 ft Shakka

The second chorus is where everything gets more interesting, loud drums shouted in a very tribal theme and there are more chants which all explode out together. We then go back to the bassy verses where Wretch takes the stage and the clubby plucks become more of a feature than a pop-radio trick. The last verse has even bigger build up for the finale which again feature the big drums. The different instruments and the chants used during the explosion make the track unpredictable and more exciting than plain rap.

However, Wretch 32 doesn’t take too much of the centre stage as his verses are not the longest and are more played down than the chorus. It is a shame for promo/lead single not to have the artist doing all of the work where the credit is due. Also compared to the very similar track ‘The World’ by UK artist Angel, which also features explosions and synth plucks, it doesn’t have the same impact and isn’t as dictating. It is a great track though, that will make airplay and is still much better than what most other hip-hop acts in the UK can churn out.

What do you think of ‘Blackout‘? One of Wretch 32‘s finest moments or just run of the Hip Hop mill? Let us know by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Bally Athwal


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