About This Girl by Elize (EP Review)

Review of About This Girl EP by Elize

London-based Tenth Circle Records, purveyors of all things underground, are back for their second release of 2013, with a three track EP from up and coming French Deep House producer Elize. Although only having started producing a few short years ago, her deep and mature sound is clearly backed up by a good grounding in music.

About This Girl by Elize review

Review of About This Girl EP by Elize

The title track, ‘About This Girl‘ opens with a very deep chord and subtle percussion loop that leaves you in no doubt that this is going to be a nicely put together piece of deep house. Building through the intro with no kicks at all, various elements of strings and heavily reverbed vocals are brought in gradually and smoothly, along with a graduated and insistent bass line that becomes a defining feature of the track.

After the kick drum is introduced, the track carries on building to the first breakdown, which signals its arrival with a hauntingly simple piano riff that, if possible, give the track an even deeper feel.

The main breakdown brings with it a development of the vocals and a much stronger piano riff, which just about does enough to not take over the whole track, being much more in your face than anything so far in the track. With clever use of a continuous string the piano is used to build back up to the body of the tune, which for me doesn’t have enough of the piano retained to keep the track flowing nicely. The reintroduction of the strings helps lift things slightly, along with stabs of piano, but for me there isn’t enough going in the tune to hold my attention. The bass line is well constructed but is too simple to lift the rest of the track. The overall production is fantastic, it’s just not my favourite on the EP.

The second track, ‘All These Ices‘, starts of in a similar fashion to ‘About This Girl‘, with deep pads a simple shaker and several percussion loops I particularly like, along with a slightly more lifting, heavily effected vocal. As the kick drum drops, the simple bass line also comes in, while the pad riff is stipped back to stabs. The effect is, in my opinion rather good as it gives plenty of room for the track to develop.

At the first break down the full pads are reintroduced and combine with great use of SFX and cutting of the vocal. This builds brilliantly back to the drop, which sees the vocal develop further and really helps the tune roll along, despite still being very deep. Where ‘About This Girl‘ didn’t do enough to maintain my interest at a similar point, the great percussion and uplifting strings and keys along with that superbly effected vocal, all work together to make ‘All These Ices‘ a much more appealing tune to me.

As the track builds through the main body, a new element of electric piano is introduced, with a slight retro feel, which again helps to keep the tune rolling along to its outro. For me, the track is brilliant and I look forward to playing it in some nice deep sets to bring in the sunnier months.

The last track on the EP, ‘Just Wanna Dance‘, is to me at least the best track of the release. There is a similar intro to the previous tracks, where elements of the deep riffs are introduced along with simple yet effective percussion, along with an early sample of the bass line.

Along with the kick drum, there is a superb snare/clap introduced which makes its presence felt but doesn’t over-crowd the rest of the percussion. It is this which gives the tune slightly more meat and makes the track slightly more appealing to me. The vocal samples and snippets are once again haunting and laden with great effect which again help add more depth to the tune. With better use of drum fills and other nice percussion stabs, along with developments of key samples building into the tune, it rolls along wonderfully to the main breakdown.

As I said, this tune for me stands head and shoulders over the other two tracks, but I’m looking at it as a set of tracks to consider for a mix, where my preferences, while often extending into the deepest of deep house, are for slightly more rolling percussion. As a stand alone EP to add to your more relaxed playlists this is a fantastic and mature offering from Elize. It would be equally of use as a nice relaxing set of tunes to play after a night out, or to enjoy sat outside in the sun, with a nice glass of something cold to hand.

Just Wanna Dance‘ can be found in my latest mix HERE (approx 1hr10mins in).

Let us know what you think of the EP from Elize.  Or if you have checked our Rob’s mix, let us know your views on that as well.  Simply add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or post your views on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Rob Coghlan


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