Here’s To Everything by Misha B (Review)

Review of Here’s To Everything by Misha B

We all know and have heard Misha B somewhere and at some point, and if you haven’t then where have you been? She of course graced our TV screens on the talent show X Factor and although she faced a bit of public backlash for a bullying scandal and failed to win, she certainly deserved to get where she got. in my eyes.
Her style and interpretation of music is so current and up to date, it’s going to let her do and achieve great things. Her first single ‘Home Run’ became a favourite of mine as soon as I heard it and it was definitely a song that got me up and dancing in the club.  The Benny Mix of ‘Do You Think of Me’ was also on my iPod list of songs I can shake my booty to, whilst getting ready to hit town.  With the release of her third single ‘Here’s to Everything’ it hasn’t disappointed me or let me down in the slightest.

Misha B Heres to everything review

Review of new Misha B track Heres to Everything

I love her voice and the sound that she has.  It is current and listenable and it doesn’t lose the uniqueness that we first saw from her on the X Factor. Her songs, to me, are the type of songs that are so catchy you get lost in it and forget who is singing it as you’re too busy shaking your booty and busting out the moves. They are definitely uplifting and catchy beats which get you motivated.
I would say she has an individual style that will appeal to a lot of people. It 100% gives out the correct message to people to go and do what they believe in and make their dreams can come true. It’s not about giving in and conforming to society, but standing out and being an individual who sticks by their beliefs.
I definitely rate ‘Here’s To Everything’, and I have nothing good things to say about her and the song. So I suggest if you haven’t heard it you give it a listen.

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Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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