Gold by Hervé ft Maria Minerva (Review)

Review of Gold by Hervé ft Maria Minerva

This song, due to be released as the second single on the upcoming album ‘The Art of Disappearing’ is quite a drastic change from Hervé’s usual style. This becomes blatantly apparent when you compare this to his signature hit ‘Together’ which DJ’s such as Annie Mac and Norman Cook raved about. For example instead of the fast tempo used in ‘Together’, ‘Gold’ feels much more mellow and relaxing. That heavy bass hasn’t run off anywhere however so fans of this need not panic! While I praise Hervé’s decision to change up his style, in this case I feel he would have been best suited sticking to what he knows.

review gold Hervé

Review of Gold by Hervé ft Maria Minerva

Moving on to the Maria Minerva, whose contribution to the song is what saves it from being below par. The lyrics, while not ground breaking by any measure, do add substance and combined with her almost haunting vocals it really brings the song to life and draws you in.

To wrap up I feel this song is crying out for a faster tempo and more variation. You may start off impressed by how easily Hervé has adapted to a different style. However you will very soon find yourself skipping through the album for something more upbeat and lively, which is no doubt where Hervé’s talents lie.

Review by Liam Webb


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