The Top by Mr Miniature (Review)

Review of The Top by Mr Miniature

As a fan of artists who are from the underground scene and making a break into the industry I appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into producing a track which stays true to themselves as we’ll as building up a fan base.

Review of The Top by Mr Miniature

Review of The Top by Mr Miniature

It’s always interesting to listen to new stuff from artists I haven’t yet heard of as it always intrigues me, listening to their sound and style and seeing if I can relate it to other artists or if it offers an individual out look on music.  This artist is no exception, coming out of Peckham Mr Miniature isn’t someone that I have heard stuff from before. This made reviewinf ‘The Top‘ an interesting one.
When I first pressed play on ‘The Top‘ I wasn’t expecting the beat that I heard, this made me more eager to hear more. When Mr Miniature began rapping his lyrics I was kept interested and the flow he had was fast and on point, flowing nicely. What I didn’t expect as I listened to it further was the twist in when the sound and pace changed and it reminded me of a slightly darker dancehall sound. At first I was a bit confused by the change and the mix, but then it suddenly made sense and it all clicked together and sounded good to listen to. I guess it’s because I wasn’t expecting the sound and style I got I was intrigued and enticed to hear more.
It definitely made me want to play the whole song out and listening closely to the lyrics it is liking listening to a story book, which makes it more personal and relatable to the people who listen.
I would listen to more material from Mr Minature for sure, and it has made me more aware of the types of music I am not yet aware of or hearing.

Review by Natalie Yildiz


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