The World is Crazy by Supernova (Review)

Review of Supernova – The World is Crazy EP

Supernova, another Italian duo (what is it with Italian producers at the moment, is there something in the water over there making them churn out great music right now?!) have taken a step closer to the dark side with their first Defected release of 2013.

Review of Supernova The World is Crazy EP

Review of Supernova The World is Crazy EP

An extensive back catalogue shows their releases generally are quite rolling tech house, but tend to be rather more upbeat. Their latest release before this, ‘Esta Loca’, is a prime example of this.

However, from the beginning of ‘The World Is Crazy’ you get the impression that this EP is going to be a much darker affair. The deep, almost techno-inspired bass line is complimented early on by very simple percussion, with more techno-inspired sounds injected through clever use of snares and a tops rider pulled straight out of early 90s Detroit. This is further complimented by the use of low pass filters on the vocal as it’s brought in, along with the merest hint of a tasty, Roland 303-sounding acid riff teasing its way in.

The acid house theme is continued with a mid-bass brought in through a filter that works the tune down to the first breakdown, where the sound becomes even more experimental, with the vocal and acid mid-bass getting a healthy dose of seemingly random filtering. The effect is fantastic and leaves me envying the studio hardware these guys are using!

The main breakdown introduces more pleasing elements in the shape of a very nice synth which takes its cue from deep and minimal techno, coupled with an old-school sounding e-flat everyone will remember from just about every trance tune of the late 90s, although its use here is much more subtle than back then!

The acid effect is maintained after the breakdown, which also sees the introduction of some nice tops that I’m struggling to describe but like the sound of nonetheless.

This track is very much a deep tech house/techno monster that is the epitome of “less is more”. For a tune that I like so much I find it sad that I haven’t spent more words on it, but the fact of the matter is this is a tune of very few, simple elements that are combined in such a well thought out, coherent manner that all I can say is this will definitely stay on repeat for a few weeks yet.

The experimental sound is continued in the second track of this EP, ‘The Bridge’. The bass line is quite deep and techy and once again definitely has a techno and acid edge to it.

Straight away a very familiar vocal stab hits us and takes us right back to Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock – ‘It Takes Two’, which should keep many clubbers amused. The main vocal sample stays very much in the old Hip Hop vein too, a style which has become increasingly popular in tech house of late, with great effect. Even the percussion tops have an air of old Hip Hop about them and the drum fill is a definite nod to this era.

The acid theme is continued into the first breakdown (I really need the hardware or software these guys are using!) where the energy and flow is built up fantastically to the drop which is going to sound epic in a club.

As with most tech house the track continues to roll and build to the next breakdown, and it is here that the experimental sound intensifies, with sound effects and software EFX combining to give a filtered, almost trippy build up, with more brash drum fills and an excellently subtle use of vocal leads to another fantastic drop.

Both tracks on this EP are keepers in my opinion. Both have a “time and a place” feel, the sort of track that a DJ can go to time and again because there’ll always be a point in a set where one of these tunes will just work. I know this is going to be the case for me over the next few months, especially when it comes to ‘The Bridge’.

Once again Defected have given me another name to follow with interest on the new release pages of the download sites and a name who’s back catalogue I’m off to raid for more monsters like these.

Review by Rob Coghlan


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