In The Beginning by Chad Woodrow Gerber (Album Review)

Review of In The Beginning by Chad Woodrow Gerber

Following the review I did a couple months back on Chad Woodrow Gerber, I have some exclusive news. I had the privilege to listen to his whole entire album before it’s release on the 26th! How exciting is that!?!
Like I said before, I had never heard of this guy or his stuff before and was pleasantly surprised when I did hear a couple of his tracks. It isn’t the usual stuff I play on a regular, but it certainly opened my eyes to a new style of music. As well as reviewing the tracks not so long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chad and got to know him and his music a lot better.
So to get the chance of hearing his album before others makes me feel very honoured. As I’d heard a couple of tracks before I now had a better idea of what I was in store for. And let me tell you it didnt disappoint me at all. The beats of each individual song are so easy and catchy to listen to, it sorts of put you in a trance. I love the sound of the guitar playing and the different instruments used to create each unique sound. It takes each song to a whole new level.


Review of Chad Woodrow Gerber Album

Review of Chad Woodrow Gerber Album

Along with that, you have the great voice of Chad on the tracks, and he doesn’t fail to show how talented he is.  It is so nice to listen to something I wouldnt normally go for, and find myself enjoying it.
The album features 12 tracks and all are a really good listen, especially if you enjoy the sounds of great instruments played. A couple of my favourite tracks are ‘Lights in the Sky’ and ‘What Made Us Great’.
I would definitely recommend this album to listen to. Theres a great future ahead for this guy.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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