Shoestring by Wall (Review)

Review of Shoestring by Wall

Wall is a South London singer/songwriter who has been receiving critical acclaim for her music.  The likes of NME, Q Magazine and Pitchfork have been waxing lyrical about Wall.  Her debut single ‘Magazine’ was launched at the end of last summer and underpinned her status as a critics favourite.  The big news is that Wall will be following up ‘Magazine’ with the launch of her ‘Shoestring’ EP on 1st April.

Review of Shoestring by Wall

Review of Shoestring by Wall

Now as you all know, we don’t always listen to what the so-called experts say, preferring to make up our own minds.  So is ‘Shoestring’ going to live up to the praise or is it just noise?

The first thing that strikes you on opening ‘Shoestring’ is the different approach given to the vocals. Yes the music plays to a synth-pop background, favouring production to acoustic music.  Synth-pop is definitely flavour of the month at the moment but the approach from Wall is distinctly different.  Her vocals could be described as hushed and the sonics are muffled.  While I write this, I wonder how the words may be read.  The review doesn’t do the song justice.

The drums and guitars whilst sounding secondary provide the perfect back drop to enable the vocals to shine through.  The sonics partner with the vocals to provide a reassuringly sincere production that provides genuine connections to the listener.

The way the production is put together you can not only feel the emotion in the voice, but you can also hear the intricacies of the delivery from Wall.  Its almost like you can hear her lips parting and the sounds moving from her vocal chords.

‘Shoestring’ is expertly put together, showing Wall can create a great production.  Her vocals are spellbinding and the sonics are first class.  For once, the widespread critical acclaim is well placed.  Wall has a great talent that has been harnessed well but could do with even deeper promotion to make the most of publicity she is receiving.

Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Wall has also announced dates for her forthcoming live shows

Date                         City                             Venue                        

7th Feb                    London                     Hoxton Hall – SOLD OUT

25th Feb                   Berlin                         Comet *

26th Feb                   Munich                      Atomic Café *

28th Feb                   Milan                         Tunnel *

1st Mar                      Zurich                        Rote *

2nd Mar                    Strasbourg                La Laiterie Club *

4th Mar                     Lyon                           Epicerie Moderne *

5th Mar                     Paris                           Tradbendo *

8th Mar                    Los Angeles              Bootleg Theatre

11th Mar                   Los Angeles              The Echo

14th Mar                   Austin, SXSW           Latitude 30

15th Mar                   Austin, SXSW           Urban Outfitters Day Party

20th Mar                  New York City          Rockwood Music Hall

11th April                  London                      Bush Hall

17th May                 Komedia                    Brighton, The Great Escape

What do you think of ‘Shoestring’? Is the acclaim given to Wall well placed?  Let us know your views by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.


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