Somebody’s Everything by Skepta (Review)

Review of Somebody’s Everything by Skepta

Having being a fan of Grime and music from the Underground scene in London, I have always listened to Skepta and rated him as an artist. From way back in the day, to the stuff he produces now, I have always supported his movement.

Review of Somebody's Everything by Skepta

Review of Somebody’s Everything by Skepta

Buying his CDs and going to his shows are the normal thing for me to do, and from everything he has done I believe he has stayed true to himself. Even if the songs he produces now are different to those from his early days, he has maintained and gained a huge following of fans and every gig I have been to has been a sell out. He has proved that no matter what the media or anyone says you can achieve the goals you set yourself.
His loyal fans have stayed with him from the beginning and he is one of few artists who appreciate and communicate on a daily basis with those who have helped him get to where he wants to be. There’s no denying the fact he has time for his fans, as well as for his close friends and family.
Each show I go to is intimate and thought out, and as soon as he hits the stage the crowd goes wild, singing along to his tracks and getting involved. The buzz you get from being in the crowd is undeniable, its a never-ending party and he always has time to meet his fans and thank them.
I had the pleasure of attending his latest gig back in December at BarFly in Camden which was for his ‘Blacklisted’ release party. It was unreal, one of the best gigs of his I have been to. His sound may not be to everyone’s liking but he is a talented guy. The crowd was going crazy, the drinks were flowing, even people you never met before were talking to you as if they had known you for ages. Whenever I go to one of these shows I end up meeting people I’ve only ever spoke to on Twitter and it’s such a good feeling to share the experience of a live show with them.
Coming from that mixtape, Skepta has just released the video for ‘Somebody’s Everything’ ft Jewels. It’s one of my favourite tracks from this tape and I’m so glad he decided to do a video for it. The lyrics have a lot of meaning behind them and I love the way he put this track together. His tone of voice is just so appealing to the ears you can’t help but listen all the way through without pressing pause.
When im listening to it I just get lost in it, the beats throughout the track are so hypnotising. I just want to nod my head along to it, close my eyes and lose all inhibitions. Music does something to me that nothing else can, it helps me escape the duties of daily life and enter a whole new parallel world where nothing else matters but getting lost in the moment. This is one of those tracks that definitely helps me do just that.
The video for it fits the nature of the track so well, and even if you don’t get the concept in the beginning you will by the end of it.
It’s fair to say no matter what Skepta puts his mind to, it’s going to be successful. His followers are as loyal as he is, and they constantly grow. Music is his passion and he’s always in the studio creating something new, giving back to his fans, and doing what he loves.

If you haven’t already make sure you download his ‘Blacklisted’ mixtape, it’s not to be missed.

What do you think of ‘Somebody’s Everything’ by Skepta? Is he underpinning his position at the top of the UK grime table? Let us know what you think by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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