No Freedom by Dido (Review)

Review of No Freedom by Dido

At one point Dido was one of the biggest recording artists on the planet.  Her rise to fame was in no small part helped by her prominent part on the huge Eminem hit ‘Stan’ which sold millions worldwide in 2000.  The verse from her hit ‘Thank You’ was repeated over the track giving it the haunting backdrop to one of Eminem‘s trademark tracks.

Following that, Dido had two massive album in ‘No Angel’ and ‘Life For Rent’ accumulating tens of millions in sales and several awards such as Brits and academy awards.  Then it all seemed to go wrong.  Dido became a bit of an easy figure to pick on.  She became the typical victim of UK success with people claiming her hits were cold and boring.  These same people were probably among those that bought and sang the likes of ‘White Flag’ and ‘Life For Rent’.

Review of No Freedom by Dido

Review of No Freedom by Dido

After an attempted comeback in 2008 which didn’t set the world alight, Dido is back for another tilt at music.  The great thing about Dido, whether you love her or hate her, is she doesn’t compromise on her style.  Her voice remains as distinctive as ever and whilst the backing music on ‘No Freedom’ may be different from previous tracks, it is still unmistakably Dido.

Is ‘No Freedom’ the track to catapault Dido back in to the limelight? Well as positively Dido as this is, I am afraid the industry has moved on.  Her pushing of a slight dance backing doesn’t really suit and the lyrics and pitch of the track is a little underwhelming.  Yes Dido is a great singer.  Yes, Dido is an accomplished performer and yes, Dido probably deserves more.  But sadly, this track doesn’t bring Dido forward as a credible contemporary artist.

The new album ‘Girl Who Got Away’ is features a track with Rizzle Kicks.  Obviously the link is made to try and build on the success she gained with Eminem.  Sadly as good as Rizzle Kicks are, they are no Eminem, so although it may sell a few thousand, it won’t catapault either act into tens of millions.  Not quite Eminem are they?

I genuinely hope that Dido does gain success as she is a real talent.  I’m just not sure this is going to do it for her.


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