Spotlight On… BirdHowz..ds

Spotlight On… BirdHowz..ds

When I was asked if I would like to write for MusicEyz I was so excited, it was finally my opportunity to write reviews on different genres, artists, bands and more in and in the process gain knowledge in an area I am hugely interested in. Thinking about it, music has always been one of my passions and I thought it would be something I couldn’t possibly turn down. As I am a huge fan of all types of music I have managed to build up quite a following on Twitter of different unsigned artists who are looking for their break in the industry. This has been a great help for me as I have new talent that I am able to review and expose and maybe help a little in getting their name out there.

Introducing Birdhowz

Introducing Birdhowz

As well as going on Twitter and gaining these followers, I also go to a lot of gigs all over the country where I meet and converse with talented people who’s passion is also music. Whether it be producing, writing, creating, singing, rapping or any other aspects of music there are some incredibly talented people out there.

On one of my latest ventures to a gig in London I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to a guy who goes by the name of Shox. On talking to him I discovered that he was part of a group ‘ BirdHowz..ds ‘ (DAW Steppers)

I was very interested in hearing more about them and what they were about as a group and he was kind enough to give me a link to their website where I would be able to find out everything I needed to know. And so now it is my pleasure to let me introduce them to YOU.

Let me introduce to you BirdHowz, and this is how they describe themselves ” Like a dual screened games console, Birdhowz DAW Steppers has a twin pronged musical vision. Studio production and live performance are two sides of the same coin for this collective of players, singers, producers and rappers all united under one roof for their own distinct flavour of Jamaican fueled electro Hip Pop ” on reading this I was extremely intrigued as to what their sound and style would be. The group consists of 3 members, each bringing their own unique talent and sound together to create their own genre. The back story to the group is a one in which you need to read for yourself to get the full history on them and you can find that on their website But for now let me break down each member.

Shox is an MC from Luton who’s passion for music has been around since he was younger, and even though it took a back seat to football for a little while, music has always been there. As a fan of Hip Hop music, with one of his favourite artists being Kanye West, it is clear to see why he has the Urban edge to his style. However, it doesn’t mean this is all he listens to and gets inspiration from as he has a wide range of music playing 24.7. There’s no denying that this guy is super talented and when you listen to his lyrics they flow perfectly, with real understanding and meaning.

Bringing the female attitude and energy to the band is JusJess, who like Shox has had a passion for music from a very young age where she studied it at school and attended Sylvia Young. Her style includes occasionally covering the more contemporary side, with her being a fan of Jessie J, but her favourite music is neo-soul. As well as singing JusJess has a 4 year old daughter who she says “I live for her and the love of music’

Adding to the collective is Rash who has a great love for soul voices from the likes of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, although his taste in music doesn’t end there as he has a huge interest in a wide selection. Rash in his own words “enjoys listening to the harmonies and spiritual content in reggae records from the 70s and that’s what inspired to craft and perform his own blend of soul, reggae ad rock”. He would perform around London venues with his band Nina Up until he met with dub step and Grime label True Tiger.

Now for the music. The first track I listened to was a track entitled ‘Birdz of a Feather’ and I had no idea what to expect and what was about to play through my speakers. On hitting play I was instantly hit with the sound of Shox and the lyrics that were flowing with JusJess then coming in with her beautiful voice and last but not least Rash, a sweet sounding tone flowed through my speakers. Everything from the beats to the hooks, the lyrics, the rapping and the singing all flowed like one continuos never ending stream perfectly mixing with one another, no breaks or faults. WOW I was blown away

It was introducing me to a whole different concept of music styles mixed together, something that I wasn’t previously familiar with and I liked it, I liked it a lot. From then on I was hooked on playing their stuff and breaking down everything from the lyrics to the beats in my head, finding myself lost in the sound, like nothing else mattered.

Its right to say these guys are all individually talented in their own right, as well as together. Their creativity goes so much further than writing the lyrics and singing as they are all round artists who produce and more. Hearing their stuff definitely shows me how important it is their talents are recognised and how much the music industry is evolving. I think it’s fair to say the future ahead is a great one for The Birdz.

I would definitely recommend all you out there who is as interested in unknown talent as I am to check these guys out. They are frequently releasing new tracks and uploading videos. For all downloads and information on them check out their website or follow them on Twitter. @BiRdHOwZds and Shox @Ksuttinsuttin

As well as that keep an eye out for the release of 3 EP’s all which are scheduled for consecutive release where each EP will show the full unique talent of the individual voices that come together and create the sound of BirdHowz. First EP entitled ‘Tweets n Beats One – The Shox EP’ was released on the 28th January and is available for free download.

By Natalie Yildiz


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