Land of the Innocent by Feathers (Review)

Review of Land of the Innocent by Feathers

‘Land Of The Innocent’ by the Feathers, starts off with a sharp synth riff followed by some loud booming drums, and warm pads which are sharpened by the rough guitars and bass synths. Already the regular pattern of the layered instruments and the fast pace of the song instinctively makes you move. Then the girl group’s hoarse but cloudy vocals start after one minute of the intro and take the stage.

Review of Land of the Innocent by Feathers

Review of Land of the Innocent by Feathers

Their vocals are really good and in their melodies, the separate vocals all meet at the same points in this well produced beat. Their live sound with rough guitars and drums remind me very much of HAIM but with added synth. The group (Feathers) are a very different in terms of their spin on music compared to chart acts such as Girls Aloud and The Saturdays; this isn’t just because they’re alternative but because they focus more on making good music than looking good. The outcome leads to a much better early career single than a well developed single by the two pop groups previously mentioned

This track is a living oxymoron managing to be light but dark, cloudy yet rough and heavenly with mystery. It is something I haven’t heard before and is very far from a lot of alternative music pieces out there. It is very highly produced, well written and deserves credit for its approach to recreate musical influences.

What do you think of ‘Land of the Innocent’ by Feathers? Is it a winning new formula for girl groups or a mere distraction in the crowded market?  Let us know your view by adding a comment below, tweeting @MusicEyz or by posting a comment on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Bally Athwal


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