Chocolate by The 1975 (Review)

Review of Chocolate by The 1975

I listen to music A LOT, like everyday. I’d listen to it every second if I could and if I’m not playing my iTunes then I’m listening to the Radio and Radio 1 in particular. I often hear songs I’ve not yet added to my music collection. As they don’t always tell you what they’re playing I have to log on to the website and go through their playlists. On going though their playlist the other day I came across a song I didn’t recognise, but thought I’d YouTube it and find out more about it.

Review of Chocolate by The 1975

Review of Chocolate by The 1975

The song I came across was ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975, which i had never previously heard of before. I decided to let the song play through from start to finish before making my judgement. When the beat first kicked it had my attention it was energetic and bouncy and had me finding myself smiling, and then the singing started and the voice was so beautiful. It sort of gave me shivers as I heard it play through. My foot was tapping it made me feel happy and before I knew it I’d played the song on repeat for almost twenty minutes. It was that creative and grabbing it had me from the beginning to the end each time. I was that intrigued by it it had me searching for other stuff from this artist and I noticed that an EP is due out on March 4th entitled ‘Music for Cars’.
To me the style and sound of the song is like, a modern and up to date version of The Kooks. It has that sort of quirkiness about it and I could imagine playing it loud and finding myself lost in the lyrics. It has made me more open to different varieties of music and my knowledge and styles of music are definitely broadening I am so glad I came across this song accidentally. It has to be a huge success and I can only imagine great things for the future.

The 1975 have been getting lots of positive reactions from the critics and as Natz says Radio One and Zane Lowe.  What do you think of ‘Chocolate’? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Natalie Yildiz


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