Sunshine Music by Byron (Review)

Review of Sunshine Music by Byron

Byron‘s ‘Sunshine Music’ is a soulful cut that leaves us excited for his next steps. The start of he song brings us back to the 90’s with distant synths, vocals in the background and basses that hit and don’t penetrate. The time machine this song brings us gives us a hint that his own sunshine music was founded in the 90’s.

Sunshine Music by Byron

Sunshine Music by Byron

The song is a very needed refreshment to the drugs, girls, sex, cars and depression in recent uninspired hip-hop. The chorus even stating “everybody needs a bit of sunshine music in their life”, and this is the best way to discreetly give off a message about the seriousness of hip-hop. Byron‘s rapping style is laid back but he manages to pull back any times he loses timings and quickens the pace smartly.

However from all the intended freshness and retro style, you expect the lyrics to follow up nicely. While most of them do and are in fact very well written with double meanings; Byron talks about his dreams and wanting to make it. This cliche of ‘dreams’ in upcoming artists is slowly becoming tiring and it spoils the track which is all about giving people something different and refreshing to listen to.

This cliche isn’t said for too long and you can easily pretend that it never happened if you really tried. ‘Sunshine Music’ is still a refreshing track though and doesn’t lose it meaning and playfulness either. It’s definitely worth a listen and can take you back to the West Coast whenever you need it – actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it onto the new Grand Theft Auto cut.

Review by Bally Athwal


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