Shak Out by Dr Meaker ft Astroid Boys and Joe Peng (Review)

Review of Shak Out by Dr Meaker ft Astroid Boys and Joe Peng

I have to be honest I had never head of Dr Meaker before, but I had heard of Astroid Boys. I wasn’t sure what sort of sound it was going to be when I first played it, and so when I first pressed play I was surprisingly shocked. And as soon it was beginning to play through I understood where the ‘DubWise’ genre had come from.

Review of Shak Out by Dr Meaker ft Astroid Boys and Joe Peng

Review of Shak Out by Dr Meaker ft Astroid Boys and Joe Peng

As soon as it came on it had me nodding my head along to the bass of the track and it definitely got me moving and wanting to ‘skank’ out to it. The lyrical genius is catchy and it has you trying to keep up and digesting what is being said. To me it is a party banger for sure, and would be a great sound to be spun in a club.
It’s like nothing I’ve really heard before. It mixes a few different genres and styles together in my opinion which gives it an edge on other tracks. The beats that play throughout the track gives it the right edge and everything in the song flows nicely from start to finish.
Whilst the song was playing I didn’t once think I wanted to turn it off and so it doesn’t get boring. Its a get up and move track in my opinion, and it may not appeal to everyone but people who like bass songs and a bit of energy and a different vibe to it will appreciate it hugely.
I think that all artists involved on the track are talented and could have a successful career in creating music that will get the audience hype as it shows exactly how much music is changing and how diverse the genres are becoming.
It isn’t about one particular style, it incorporates many and this is in my opinion what gives it something people would be interested in and shows how much the industry is changing and we have to be able to adapt along with it. We have to start broadening our opinions and style to give others room for a chance.
I would listen to more from this guy for sure.

Review by Natalie Combey Yildiz


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