New Mixtape by Kellie Acreman (Review)

Review of New Mixtape by Kellie Acreman

In her latest mix Kellie Acreman descends for an exploration of what Deep House currently has to offer, as well as taking a look back at some gems from 2012.

Kellie Acreman Mix

Kellie Acreman Mix

Starting off with the lifting pads and deep vibes of Martin Roth’s ‘Beautiful Mind’ and following up with Bicep’s ‘Vision of Love’, in two tunes Kellie gives you a flavour of the next hour of music. They take you though vocal stabs, rolling bass and the distinct early house sound that has become prevalent in deep house recently.

One particular standout track early on is the Grant Nelson Remix of Sonny Fodera & Danny Kane’s ‘You Made me Do It’. I’m a little annoyed at myself that, while browsing for new tunes over the festive period, I stopped at downloading just the Main Mix on this release. I’ve since corrected this oversight!

After these building vocals and piano elements, the next few tracks have a slightly more of raw underground feel, with deeper bass lines and softer pads and synths replacing big keys samples but the mix never loses its energy or direction.

The mix progresses nicely along into some more vocal licks and moves into Nu Disco-esque beats with one of the stand-out tunes of October by Pig & Dan, ‘No Rules Limitation’ and into something that I’d not heard before but have since added to my Beatport crate, a nice rolling, jacking monster of a track by Sollmy called ‘You’. Here it is slightly slowed down from its original pitch but not to the detriment of the tune.

The second half of the mix has a stronger Tech house edge to it with contributions from HIM_SELF_HER_SELF and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, but for me it is the last two tracks that really make this mix. First up we have DJ Sneak & Soydan’s collaboration ‘You and Me’. Everything about this tune screams underground Tech House. In a year that Sneak became increasingly outspoken of the popularisation of house music and “popstar DJs” it was crucial that his label, Magnetic Recordings finished the year strongly to back up the talk. The ‘House Khan Chieftain’ EP does just that.

Curious as to how a mix this well put together was going to finish, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the last track coming in. It’s a tune that I’ve only discovered in the last week or two and I’d even used it myself to close out a set the weekend before hearing this mix. Every time I hear it, it takes my mood and launches it into space. I urge anyone who has a passing interest in uplifting house to check out some other material from Chris Malinchak, because ‘So Good To Me’ is just too good to miss.

When I started listening to this mix for the first time I was unsure if I was in the mood for an hour of this sound. But given the quality of tunes selected, the skilful programming of their order and the smooth style in which they were mixed together, this is a mix that not only found its way onto my phone for a sneaky listen in the car but also got numerous follow-up plays both at my computer and on the move. Needless to say I’ll be keeping an eye out for Kellie Acreman playing at venues near me in the future, as this mix proves she’ll provide one hell of a night out!

Have a listen below and let us know what you think of the mix from Kellie Acreman. Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook wall.

Review by Rob Coghlan


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