Dungeon Party by S.A.S. ft Nicki Minaj (Review)

Review of Dungeon Party by S.A.S. ft Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is one of my favourite artists so I knew this one would be a good one to review. As soon as the track started the beat and Nicki kicked in. It was so catchy and just had me ‘vybzing’ along. It’s one of my favourite tracks that I’ve reviewed and I know when it comes to Nicki Minaj you either love her or hate her, and for me it’s all love.

Review of SAS ft Nicki Minaj Dungeon Party

Review of SAS ft Nicki Minaj Dungeon Party

I hadn’t heard of S.A.S. but as soon as they came into the song ‘Dungeon Party’ their sound was so catching and it definitely caught my attention. The lyrics were easy to follow and the song as a whole was so appealing, having Nicki Minaj sampling the hook was a great idea. She is edgy, current and it made the song exactly this as well which is what you need when you are trying to make it as an artist and appeal to a vast audience. What was also good was the fact that the hook was so simple, I found myself singing along to it after only hearing it only a couple of times.
I can’t lie I had to play it a couple of times on repeat and it never got boring. I checked out the reviews for it on the Youtube link and there was a lot of mixed comments, but I guess you can never win everyone over as an artist but I have to give it to them they have talent.
It would be interesting to hear different things from them to get a better idea of their sound and style and a lot of people would love this sort of stuff. Having a female rapper on the track personally makes it more appealing to the female audience and she is so well known I have to say it was a great move.
For me, the tone of their voice when they’re rapping is very good as well as giving that urban edge and it’s one of those head bopping along tracks that just makes you want to move whether you want to or not. You could see this being spun in clubs and having the crowd hyped up.
I would recommend that if you don’t like it on the first play you at least give it another go. Believe me, it will grow on you.

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One thought on “Dungeon Party by S.A.S. ft Nicki Minaj (Review)

  1. First of all, S.A.S have been around for years, and at one point were signed to Cam’ron’s Dipset records, a huge accomplishment for uk artists. On their debut album, “Where is S.A.S”, released in 2007, they had a track on there featuring Nicki Minaj too, called “Minaj et trois”. She was unsigned, unheard of, and killed it on there too. Relationship spanning 6 years and they’re still doing great music together.

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