Nuclear by Destiny’s Child (Review)

Review of Nuclear by Destiny’s Child

So it seemed to be massive news when Destiny’s Child announced the release of a new single and the future release of an album.  The reaction was largely due to the fact that it was a bit unexpected.  All of the girls had gone their own way, to varying degrees of success and Beyonce had received worldwide recognition as a solo artist.

Review of Nuclear by Destinys Child

Review of Nuclear by Destinys Child

So it was with anticipation we opened up the track ‘Nuclear’ to see what we would be getting.  What we all loved about Destiny’s Child was the upbeat and almost anthemic tracks.  In all honesty the reaction to some of their more ballad type tracks was mixed.  So with ‘Nuclear’ are we going all out dance floor filling, booty shaking, ladies anthem?  Or is the track more like the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Well sadly, the track doesn’t live up to what most of us would have hope.  The production sounds a little dated, almost reminiscent of a Mariah Carey track from the 90s.  The vocals of the girls hardly carries through and there are no notes belted out to demonstrate the voices of the girls.

The chorus gets lost in a repetitive and monotonous delivery, creating a bit of a mess to be honest.  Now it pains me to give such a poor review as the girls have delivered epic tracks in the past.  Sadly this does not live up to that reputation.

The rumours have now begun.  News on the grapevine was that the label were holding Destiny’s Child to their contract and thus forcing them to release a final album.  I don’t normally hold must court with rumours, but the lacklustre release might vindicate that line of thought.

The song offers no message and none of the uplifting messages of their past.  If this was a serious attempt at a sustained comeback in my view it has failed.  If the label want a return on their investment I would look at the production.  Remove the cheap, dated house beats from the sound and get the girls singing.

Overall, not a happy comeback.  Its a shame but could do better.  Do you think we have been too harsh?  Let us know by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook Page.


One thought on “Nuclear by Destiny’s Child (Review)

  1. Not harsh at all, I couldn’t agree mer with the review. the song itself is very poor amd boring. I was expecting better harmonies and more power

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