Hysteria by Datamotion (Review)

Review of Datamotion by Hysteria

Fresh from a year that saw French Electro and Progressive House producer Datamotion releasing tracks and remixes on a number of labels, he starts 2013 with yet another new label (also out of France), Entraxx Records.

Review of Hysteria by Datamotion

Review of Hysteria by Datamotion

The young producer has had a life-long love affair with music, feeding off the inspiration of New Wave artists such as Depechmode, while also paying close attention to the then-emerging world of electronic music. This love affair progressed naturally to a desire to learn the art of playing records, as well as experimenting with producing his own material.

‘Hysteria’ his latest offering is fairly typical of the Datamotion sound.  With a jagged, tough-edged sawing bass line and big surging synths building euphorically in the breakdowns, while the vocal gets a touch of filter and vocoder in a nod to the ubiquitous French sound made famous by the likes of Thomas Bangalter & co of Daft Punk fame.

The track itself rolls along nicely, with the percussion and kick drums kept nice and clean yet punchy. The synths are nicely layered through the first breakdown to build the track to the first vocal drop, which combines with the synths and also builds to a point where you expect the track to just keep on rising. Instead Datamotion throws the listener and drops in one of his signature bass lines, letting you know exactly what to expect from the rest of the track. Sneaking in a sample from Public Enemy – ‘Bring The Noise’ is a nice touch since that’s exactly what happens next, as all of the elements combine to hit the listener right in the chest.

We’re yet to experience this in a club environment but through studio monitors the sound was great, and played loudly through some good quality headphones you get the feeling that this is going to properly shake you up on the right system!

Review by Rob Coghlan


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