You Keep Giving Me Love by Jenn D (Review)

Review of You Keep Giving Me Love by Jenn D

Jenn D might just be a nice little pop gem to come out of the UK if new single ‘You Keep Giving Me Love’ is anything to go by.  It starts off with some electrifying synths which are mashed up until Jenn D sings.

Review of You Keep Giving Me Love by Jenn D

Review of You Keep Giving Me Love by Jenn D

When she starts, the song jumps into a regular beat that is definitely going to make some heavy radio airplay. The song builds into a chorus with a snare-slide and she explodes with a confidence and sexiness along with the blast of synth we hear.

It’s a very powerful, performance and is well pieced. It’s got an American radio summer charm about it which is very different from a British artist. However it does seem very similar to Rita Ora‘s newest single ‘Radioactive’ with the powerful choruses and its own radio power. This does make me wonder how original the Jenn D track is in the midst of a pop-dense chart.

Despite this, I think the freshness of Jenn D and her sense of big talent overpowers this comparison, and makes it all the more better for a new artist to be compared to a well established one. It’s going to be big on radio and is just the thing the singer needs to push her way onto the top 40.

What do you think of ‘You Keep Giving Me Love’? Do you think Jenn D has a track to break through or will it get lost in the pop cloud? Let us know what you think by commenting below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook Page.

Review by Bally Athwal


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