Switch Lanes by Tyga ft The Game (Review)

Review of Switch Lanes by Tyga ft The Game

‘Switch Lanes’ by Tyga is a definite to smash up the urban world. It’s a very laidback rap track with the claps, the occasional gun shot and computer basses comprising for the backing beat. On the track Tyga and The Game work well together as they jump who raps mid-verse and have contrasting styles which highlight the rappers’ individual styles. They also have a good, unexpected chemistry between them as they rap about the same things – but on their own views.

Review of Switch Lanes by Tyga ft The Game

Review of Switch Lanes by Tyga ft The Game

However the hook, rapped by Tyga each time is the only dominance he really has and considering it was his track, it doesn’t seem right. The hook is also very weak and forgettable and more like a breather for The Game.  It all just feels very rushed in terms of the writing style.

Nevertheless it is a good track and like I said it will be played on urban radio and clubs very heavily if they support Tyga’s efforts. The verses especially from The Game are excellent and bring you to the racks and Louis and money without interruption. The best thing about the whole track, is the chemistry between the pair which is exciting for future collaborations and projects.

Let us know what you think of the track and the review.  Is Tyga in the background of The Game on this one, or is it a dream collaboration?  Add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or post a message on the Music Eyz Facebook wall.

Review by Bally Athwal


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