Big Inner by Matthew E White (Album Review)

Review of Big Inner by Matthew E White

Matthew E Wright is hardly a household name.  His reputation is probably just about on the scale of those in the know.  However is album ‘Big Inner’ was released in the US, to a great reception from plaudits.  So the specialist rock audience in the US will be aware of him whilst to most of you, Matthew E Wright is an unknown quantity.

Big Inner by Matthew E Wright

Big Inner by Matthew E Wright

‘Big Inner’ is the first album for label Spacebomb.  The label have big ambitions.  They want to be more than a label, more a way of life, think Motown. Should any artists approach Spacebomb in fear that their unique vision will be crushed, they could do worse than listen to ‘Big Inner’, which epitomises individuality and creativity.Whilst this individuality is great in terms of pushing boundaries and musically providing something new, will it translate to commercial success?

Whilst we can’t answer that question, you can certainly hear echoes of past music in what White does. The string arrangements have a ring of Randy Newman‘s Sail Away.  There is a gospel flavour to some of the vocals delivered playing sympathy to White’s background as the son of Christian missionaries.

The finale is a track called ‘Brazos’ which surprises as much as it delights.  The recording plays with the sonics of your music system to create an almost live environment to your listening.  A tambourine plays loudly in your left speaker.  It moves through the genres and changes pace as it develops from an almost orchestrated country feel to a choir singing “Jesus is our lord, Jesus Christ is our friend” all over a somewhat unorthodox bassline.  It really captured that intimate musical feel, almost like you are sat around the camp fire with some mates.

‘Big Winner’ has an experimental feel within its seven tracks.  Utilising sounds from country, jazz, pop and rock has something for music fans of an eclectic disposition.  Despite White sometimes coming across too much as a preacher, using the album as a platform for his christian values, he does produce a modern and unique album that most will want to listen to, even if just through intrigue.

I would implore you all to give ‘Big Inner’ by Matthew E Wright a chance.  I promise that you will be surprised by what you hear and it may even change your views on certain types of music.  A really good effort from a virtual unknown.


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