Move by Tunde Baiyewu (Review)

Review of Move by Tunde Baiyewu

From the first few seconds of hearing his voice, your immediately transformed back to the late 90’s heyday of the Lighthouse Family and their frontman Tunde Baiyewu.  He’s returned with new solo material and as a massive fan of Lighthouse Family I eagerly awaited his return.

Review Move by Tunde Baiyewu

Review Move by Tunde Baiyewu

The new single, ‘Move’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Diamond In A Rock’, is an interesting first listen. Once you get past the fact that you will start humming other Lighthouse Family tracks, the song is a nice feel good tune – just the kind of thing to get us out of these cold nights.

If this is a taster of the album, then it’ll be a good listen. Whether that translates into sales is another story. Back in the 90s commercial radio backed Lighthouse Family massively and when Tunde’s solo material surfaced, the support continued. But then the bubble burst and maybe now commercial radio isn’t the place it once was, but for that loss, is definitely Radio 2’s gain. Expect to hear this on the nation’s biggest radio station soon!

And if it wasn’t enough to hear this song, how about having some acoustic tracks for FREE! Check his website out at

‘Move’ is the first single to be taken from Tunde‘s new album ‘Diamond In A Rock; (March 4), and also features on a live EP which he is currently giving away free through his website-

Let us know what you think of Tunde‘s ‘Move’.  Do you think the future is as bright as it was for the Lighthouse Family or should it have stayed in the 90s.  Add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or add a comment on the Music Eyz Facebook wall.

Review by Patrick Downes


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