Spotlight On…KidEvns

Spotlight On… KidEvns

Having been on a Twitter a while i have managed to get quite a few followers who have a musical background. By this i mean, producers, writers, singers, rappers, artists as a whole, and so i know that there are many talented people out there who as of yet haven’t had the chance to get their stuff out there and heard by people. And there is a lot unseen talent from the Underground scene. This is when i decided to take it upon myself to get to know them and their style a little more and showcase some of their talent.

Introducing New Talent
Let me introduce you to Chris aka KidEvns, pronounced Kid Evans, a 22 year old guy from London who has been creating music for the last 8 years. He has previously been behind the scenes producing for other artists such as Play Dirty, G FRSH & DVS, and it is only in the last 2 years where he has began to take himself more seriously as an artist.

In that time he has supported Roll Deep for a T4 show, and released an EP entitled ‘Adolescence: Class of 06’ where he showcased his producing skills for him self. As well as producing he can Rap, Sing, and even song write showing he is more than a one trick pony.

I had the chance to listen to his latest track ‘Breathe’ which was produced by himself. On first hearing it, i didn’t honestly know what to make of it. Although it is the type of music i listen to on a regular, it was a whole new artist and style to get used to. Through out the song i couldn’t help but notice and get lost in the beats in the background. They were kind of hypnotic and made me just want to nod my head along to it, which is usually the case with this type of music.

I must admit KidEvns has a real good voice and tone to it, he has the edginess of the London guy in him still and you can tell it is from the ‘streets’ in which he has got his inspiration. I don’t mean this disrespectfully either, as it is from real life in which artists produce the best kind of music to listen to as you can relate to it more.

I also had a listen to his EP ‘Adolescence: Class of 06’ which sees him producing majority of the tracks on it and with features from Proton, Moany amongst others. I listened to it from start to end and although i liked some more than others, I could easily listen to it without skipping a track. One of my personal favourites was ‘Morning’ it was such a good sounding song and the beat again was so catchy.

I listened to it a few times and it is clear to see the guy has potential, okay so it isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking but if you like and listen to underground music and to artists such as Krept and Konan, Ghetts and others i would recommend you give this a listen.

He also has a new video which is being released next month entitled ‘Pain’. So make sure to check that out. I’m sure there will be more to come from this artist.

Follow him on Twitter – @KidEvns

Check out his video for Breathe

By Natalie Combey-Yildiz

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