It’s Alright by Chip ft Sevyn (Review)

Review of It’s Alright by Chip ft Sevyn

North London’s Chip is back, this time with a highly anticipated mix tape ‘London Boy’. As promised he dropped the mix tape Christmas day, which fans eagerly downloaded, resulting in the site crashing mid way. Chip really has treated his fans as ‘London Boy’ which I think could of been a worthy album, is available as a free download. As expected, it was worth the wait!

Review of It's Alright by Chip ft Sevyn from London Boy

Review of It’s Alright by Chip ft Sevyn from London Boy

Chip has taken a different direction, he went to America and joined the likes of T.I, alongside collaborating with a large array of successful artists, such as Wretch 32, Deliah and Sevyn.

One track which really shows how much Chip has grown as an artist, and enforces that Chip deserves to be where he is, is the brand new track ‘It’s Alright’ FT. Sevyn.

Its Alright’ starts with Chip laying down punchline after punchline, layered with Sevyn‘s stunning vocals. One thing I love about this track is the creativity used to blend the different artist styles; Chip‘s creative wordplay matched with Sevyn‘s effortlessly beautiful vocals, undoubtedly compliment one another.

The soulful collaboration, with the low tempo beats, teamed with the lyrics match perfectly.

One thing which separates this track from the rest is, this track is talking about a relationship, with both the male and females perspective included. Both Chip and Sevyn have their own individual lyrics, and I think this is what makes this track more current, and helps it appeal to a wider audience, as some people may relate to.

Overall I think this is a beautiful track, combining the best of both talented artists.

If you haven’t already downloaded Chip’s ‘London Boy’ mix tape, where have you been?! But seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Tracey Hills


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