Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky (Review)

Review of Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky

A$AP ROCKY newest musical adventure starts off with mysterious pad to lead you in. Then A$AP comes in over a very dark beat with deep auto-tunes voices and eerie electronic sounds. The chorus then transforms the track into something incorporating indie elements which is not done in the diverse world of hip-hop. The vocals are an unexpected and work well with he changes during the hooks. Featuring live bass as opposed to the drum-pad bass on the verses, and live guitars, the chorus takes you away from the crazy world of hip-hop for a while. His voice is so soft in the chorus that it shows the emotions and vulnerability of himself.

Review of Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky

Review of Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky

Then he cuts through sharply with a blunt “live” at the end of the chorus which ultimately takes us away from the dreaminess of the chorus. Continuing with his rap, the second verse features more of a darker tone and has more voices that sound like chainsaws at times. A$AP‘s flow is on lock right now and there is no denying he has raw talent; what separates him from most other artists right now is that he stays true to his talent and doesn’t try new techniques that could ruin tracks and this is shown on ‘Long Live A$AP’.

This is a song where a guest rapper would have diluted A$AP‘s aim and sticking to his own vocals and raps he makes his message more powerful whether he’s talking about violence or women. A female voice does join him on the last hook, but that is more for effect than anything else and just makes the last part of the song remotely different, which is what most artists do to keep people hooked. The song’s cut between verse and chorus is what gives it the elegance it needs and stand out from most of the other diluted hip-hop we’ve heard in recent times.

What do you think of ‘Long Live A$AP’?  Is this one of A$AP Rocky‘s best? Let us know what you think.  Add a comment below, tweet @MusicEyz or post to the Music Eyz Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky (Review)

  1. ASAP is pretty dope. Peso and Trilla are also bangers. This week Juelz Santana brings out his first mix tape in a few weeks, I’ll do that for ya.

    Cheers, Dan Slater

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