Worry About You by Tyler James ft Kano (Review)

Review of Worry About You by Tyler James ft Kano

When I heard Tyler James was releasing a new song, I was sure I wanted to be the one to review it. Ever since I watched him perform his audition on BBC One’s ‘The Voice’ I instantly fell in love with him and knew he would be one to go on to great things, even if he didn’t win the show, a record deal would be in the pipeline.

Review of Worry About You by Tyler James ft Kano

Review of Worry About You by Tyler James ft Kano

His individual look and style make him stand out from the crowd and you instantly notice him, even if he isn’t usually your type. You can see when he performs he puts his all into it, music has been his life, and he is willing to work hard to achieve what he wants to, the passion in his eyes and voice are undeniable.

Tyler’s latest single ‘Worry About You’ features a collaboration with UK Rapper Kano who has also had huge success coming from the London Underground Grime scene to smashing the charts.

When I first played the track and I heard Kano’s opening it gave me chills, he is a lyrical genius, and his voice is just so easy to listen to. Then Tyler begins to sing and the song seems to take more shape and become complete. To me, the song sounds like a love letter being written to someone you just can’t live without and you are trying to tell them exactly how you feel. Its beautifully composed throughout and it’s a song that many people could relate to and find themselves lost in the lyrics, and for me it had that exact effect. You can tell that it has been written having meaning and a purpose behind it, carefully composed and created to blend two sounds together. When an artist creates a song that means something to themselves, it makes it more believable for the audience.

After listening to it only a couple of times I found myself singing along and every now and again it sounded like I was listening to an early Craig David track. I say this because the sound is soulful and easy to listen to and is effortlessly beautifully sounding, like songs from Craig David’s ‘Born To Do It’ album.

The way the track is put together just blends together. Mixing the sound with Tyler‘s soulful singing voice and Kano rapping his lyrics was such a good and creative idea, although I’m not surprised having Detonate producing the song. It shows how the music industry is constantly growing and changing and adapting it’s sound to appeal to more people. I have a huge feeling this song will be liked by many even if it isn’t usually a sound you would listen to.

Bringing two unique styles of artist together, and combining them to create a huge hit isn’t easy to do, but this just works. And it’s not surprising it’s had almost 300,000 views in a week. I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

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Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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