One Day I’ll Fly Away by Kimberley Walsh (Review)

Review of One Day I’ll Fly Away by Kimberley Walsh

Whilst it would have been easy for Kimberley Walsh to concentrate on the Girls Aloud reunion tour and rake in the cash, the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Star had different ideas.  Kimberley has decided now is a good time to launch her solo music career.

Kimberley refuses to go the easy route.  It would have been easier for Kimberley to have made a mainstream commercial pop album.  She could have utilised the best producers and sung over chart based dance soundtracks.  She would have been almost guaranteed a couple of Top 40 hits and probably a tour.

Review of Kimberley Walsh One Day I'll Fly Away

Review of Kimberley Walsh One Day I’ll Fly Away

However, based on both the above, it would appear that Kimberley Walsh doesn’t like to follow the rules.  She won’t go the easy route.  Kimberley has a well documented love of musical theatre, backed by her stint in ‘Shrek the Musical’, appearing alongside Richard Blackwood (see RB’s feature on Music Eyz).  With this in mind, Kimberley is launching an album, whic supports her passion.

The new album from Kimberley Walsh ‘Centre Stage’ is due for release on 4th February.  The album, which contains hits from the past and from the West End is not aimed at mainstream commercial success.  Every track promises complex orchestral compositions with a twist.  The album could be considered Kimberley‘s ultimate project, she is singing songs that she has always loved and sang for most her life, but adding her own unique twist. ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ is the first single to be released from ‘Centre Stage’.

Whilst everybody else seems to be concentrating on how Kimberley looks in the clips shared from the video or her Strictly inspired moves, we thought we would do what we usually do and concentrate on the music.

The song which was originally recorded in 1979 and released in 1980 by Joe Sample was originally an RnB track.  The original reached number two in the UK charts in September 1980.  It has been covered a couple of times since, notably, by Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’.

The version by Kimberley Walsh is different again.  The opening sees Kimberley sing in a really haunting way.  The beat is supplied by what could be described as tribal drums and almost Mauri inspired music.  She quickly moves in to the chorus which shows off Kimberley‘s stunning voice, often compromised with her position in Girls Aloud.

Before anybody thinks to complain, we are not criticising Girls Aloud or Kimberley Walsh.  They are a great pop band, but this song shows off so much more of Kimberley‘s voice.

As ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ moves in to the full orchestral piece, Kimberley‘s voice steps up another gear.  The passion you hear in her voice illustrates the point.  It feels almost like she is at home. Like this is what she has always wanted to do.  The whole composition is a beautiful piece of music.  The single is stunning and Kimberley sings amazingly well.  In parts, it genuinely sends shivers down your spine.

Now I am not normally one for West End musicals or big music hall sounds, but this is amazing.  If this is what the rest of the album is like, get me a copy now!

What do you think of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’?  Is this what Kimberley should be doing, or do you think she should concentrate on her Girls Aloud comeback? Let us know by adding a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or post to the Music Eyz Facebook Wall.


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