Music, Fashion and the Undeniable Link

Music, Fashion and the Undeniable Link

When I was younger fashion never really interested me, but music did and it has always been a part of my life. From as young as I can remember, it has been there whether I realised it or not. I grew up with the sounds of Motown, the legendary Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and more all because of my folks.

Whilst growing up my taste in music and my collection has continued to grow and change, rarely have I listened to just one type for long. To me, music is one huge open book, with no boundaries, where people interpret it how they wish.

This is what got me thinking had ever occurred to anyone that without Music there wouldn’t be the huge interest in Fashion there is and vice versa?  And how the two of them have worked together, alongside each other, for years gone by, in creating and shaping the environment we grow up in now.

If you look as far back as the 1950s when the genre “Rock ‘n’ Roll” first began, you will see how fashion began to change. There would be ‘dances’ and routines, that would go along to the music and the fashion, as always, was adapted for easy movement and flow. If you fast forward to the 1970s when the film Grease was made, listen to the style of music and then look at the style of fashion, you will see how both work alongside each other.

Just take a minute to look back throughout each era. Listen to the type of music and look at the fashion at the time, you will see comparisons in both and how they fit each other. From the genre of music to the choice of style and design of the clothing.

If you fast forward to nowadays, you will see how far both music and fashion have come, since way back when. There are so many new music genres and fashion trends, you can see how they work alongside each other. For example take urban music and the trends you see artists wear, whilst performing on stage or in videos, loose fitting clothing, caps and more of an edgier look than suits and ties etc.

From a fashion point of view, watch the latest trends go up and down the catwalk, the music they play in the background of the show reflect the clothing that is being showcased. Whether it’s a lingerie show playing sexy, upbeat music, or edgy clothes playing edgy on trend and up to date music.

If I was to give an example of what I mean take a look at Rihanna.  Look at how her style in both music and fashion have changed over the years, how they have adapted and flow with one another. When she first started, songs such as ‘Pon De Replay’ she was young, fresh and innocent and so was her fashion sense.  She would have simple make up and clothes which covered her up and portrayed a relaxed feeling.

Rihanna Style and Fashion Develops

Rihanna Style and Fashion Develops

Skip through the years and see how her music style advanced and matured and how her look and appearance did too. Her songs and lyrics have become a lot more sexier and mature and so in turn the way she dresses has also done this too.  Her clothes are more revealing, tighter and more alluring to the eye. This just shows that everything is constantly changing and we have to keep up with it, whether it be through music or fashion, it matures and grows and pushes other areas to do the same.

For me music and fashion go hand in hand, and without one the other wouldn’t be as inviting. By this I mean, when I hear or play a particular type of music and I become addicted to the bass, beats or way it makes me feel. It makes me dress in a way which makes me feel just as powerful and happy as listening to the music does.

Music personally, takes me to a whole different place, and so does fashion, both let me express myself how I want to, show my personality and best of all let me experiment with new and exciting things.

What does music and fashion do for you?  Do you agree that there is such an intrinsic link?  Let us know by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook Wall.

By Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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