2013 Year of The Big Dawg – Mixtape by Tim Westwood

New Mixtape by Tim Westwood – 2013 Year of the Big Dawg

We had a little chat with the Big Dawg himself, Tim Westwood over the Christmas break.  The DJ that has done most to represent Hip Hop in the UK was coming through with his latest mixtape.  Unbelievably its available free of charge.

2013 Year of the Big Dawg Mixtape from Tim Westwood

2013 Year of the Big Dawg Mixtape from Tim Westwood

Is it any good?  The mixtape is a generous 80 minutes long and is full of banging Hip Hop joints.  The obligatory interludes from Westwood can be heard throughout, including my favourite, “you lying and a cheater, you belong in a zoo cos you a lion and a cheetah”.

The tracks chosen represent, heavy hip hop beats with a distinct US bias.  Now that aint a bad thing as the mixtape displays a diverse range of real Hip Hop.  So if you like your Hip Hop heavy and not the real mainstream commercial stuff that is played out almost everywhere get on it and download for free.  There are a few licks of RnB and UK Hip Hop in there for good measure as well.

We are still awaiting a full tracklist, but the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj feature.  Its also been co-signed by some of the big names on the urban scene, Music Eyz (obviously), Giggs and Big Sean.  I have listened to the whole thing a couple of times now and I can’t see a weak link.

Listen to the mixtape here and let us know what you think.


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