Too Old To Die Young by Brother Dege (Review)

Review of Too Old To Die Young by Brother Dege

So do we have any fans of Quentin Tarantino amongst our readers? No need to answer, of course we do.  Tarantino is known for his unique way of making films and counts the likes of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Kill Bill’ amongst his credits.  There are two things constant in Tarantino movies.  The expert production that takes place in mastering a motion picture that explores all of the senses in both a full cinematic experience but also whilst viewing at home.  The second is the expert way soundtracks accompany all his films and present tracks you have probably never heard of before.

Review of Too Old To Die Young by Brother Dege

Review of Too Old To Die Young by Brother Dege

‘Too Old To Die Young’ by Brother Dege features on the soundtrack of Tarantino‘s latest film ‘Django Unchained’.  Now I had never heard of Brother Dege before this was sent through, but based on the statement above it was worth a listen.  But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gain an insight in to why the track was selected for ‘Django Unchained’ and we couldn’t possibly reason why better than Quentin Tarantino himself.

So, we won’t.  We find out from Tarantino himself, why ‘Too Old To Die Young’ was picked.

Now the PR that accompanied this track described Brother Dege as “the haunted face of 21st century Delta blues”.  Now I don’t know what Delta Blues is/are but if its good enough for Tarantino its good enough for us.

Without trying to steal Tarantino‘s thunder, we would like to add a few words of our own.  The thing that strikes you instantly about the track is how much bass is managed to be created at the start of the track.  The guitar is handled brilliantly and the whole package, including the vocal delivery from Brother Dege, seems to translate the deep south in to our existence in the UK.

Whilst being described as blues, the song actually rocks and manages to provide a haunting yet upbeat feel to the track.  At the end of the day Tarantino loved it and the audience at the end of the video seemed to quite like it a bit as well.  Whilst we may not be dusting off the old cowboy boots yet, this is a good track.

After all, often the things you remember from Tarantino films is the soundtrack.  We think this could leave that lasting impression on your brain and make you want to go out and get it.  We also think we may have to pop out and see the film as well.

As its new to us, and probably new to you. What do you think of Delta Blues? What do you think Brother Dege? Let us know if you think Tarantino was right to pick it.  Simply add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or tell us what you’re thinking on the Music Eyz Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Too Old To Die Young by Brother Dege (Review)

    • First off Bjorn, thanks for your comment. If you read the article again, you may see that we didn’t suggest Delta Blues was new. We were basically saying we hadn’t heard of it. This site is meant to be from the basis of music fans writing the pieces not the likes of Rolling Stone or NME. The other factor is that we are a UK based site, so this music doesn’t normally come on our radar.

      The fact is regardless of genre, which to me isn’t that important anyway, we are bringing Brother Dege to a new audience. One I am not sure he would have necessarily reached otherwise. I would like to think he would be happy with this.

      Don’t worry, I am not attacking you, I am just trying to explain where we were coming from. Sounds like you are very passionate and maybe you would like to consider joining our team?

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