Take It Back by Lara Smiles (Review)

Review of Take It Back by Lara Smiles

Its new music time and we would like to introduce the lovely Music Eyz readers to a brand new singer/songwriter called Lara Smiles.  She has been pretty much unknown but her new single ‘Take It Back’ is released soon.  Whilst she may not be a huge name, Lara Smiles has pedigree.  Lara has played guitar at some big London venues and supported the likes of Pete Doherty and Jesse Wood.

Review of debut single Take it Back by Lara Smiles

Review of debut single Take it Back by Lara Smiles

We managed to get hold of Lara and convince her to let us have a sneak peek of her new single, but is any good?

When I first opened the track, I thought that I had been entered in to a parallel universe.  The intro felt a bit like the start of an 80s Kim Wilde track but with a massively funk overtone and contemporary bassline.  Before you draw conclusions that isn’t a criticism, it actually bloody works.

When Lara Smiles starts her vocals you instantly think, this girl can sing.  The verses are sung well and the tune works with her.  The music builds to the chorus when a good pop hook cuts in and Lara sings at a slightly quicker pace.  The chorus is actually very catchy.

The track is a great debut from Lara and shows some promise.  If we had one criticism it would be that the levels seem slightly off and Lara‘s voice seems to be a bit distant from the mic.  It also seems to end very abruptly.

At the time of writing this, we are not sure if Lara has been signed.  We don’t think she has.  With a good manager and a bit extra spent on the production we believe Lara could make a dent on the scene.  You can tell she likes a variety of genres and there is a rock tone to her sound.  However we could picture her doing tracks with more of an Ellie Goulding type of flavour.


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