Small Change by Mr Mar ft Rick Ross and MJG (Review)

Review of Small Change by Mr Mar ft Rick Ross and MJG

Mr. Mar ‘Small Change’ has the Rick Ross stamp so it must be good? Honestly, it’s not necessarily a bad track but then there is nothing that special in this track either. In comparison to their previous collaboration ‘Me So Fly’, ‘Small Change’ feels uninspired and weak.

It’s explosive start is not carried through by any one of the rappers, even though this isn’t expected by Rick Ross, for an artist to be successful they need to actually have a quality about them but Mr Mar does not showcase anything special here.

It feels very dated with it’s relaxed hip-hop style, however there is no attempt at rejuvenating the track and making it more modern which lets it fall flat. Also the chorus is very basic with basic rhymes and minimal words being stretched out to fit a full bar.

Positively, though there is nothing very drastically bad that it makes it an uncomfortable listen. Overall though, it just doesn’t work.

Review by Bally Athwal


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