Number 1 by Kiss Off ft Little Dee (Review)

Review of Number 1 Kiss Off ft Little Dee

Pop groups are big business at the moment, but with the exception of Little Mix, its all about the boys.  We all know One Direction, JLS and The Wanted.  No doubt the likes of Union J and District 3 will find their place as well. Sadly the girl group genre seems a bit flat.

Little Mix are obviously the exception to that.  But The Saturdays, whilst being OK have still to make it massive.  Sugababes seem to have vanished and the band formed by the original line-up are yet to breakthrough.  The likes of Soundgirl, Duchess, Vida and Lola all faltered as well.  Whilst the likes of Spice Girls and Girls Aloud have been brought back, they too haven’t really ingnited the category.

Review of Number 1 by Kiss Off ft Little Dee

Review of Number 1 by Kiss Off ft Little Dee

With all this being said, it seems that new girl group Kiss Off may have their work cut out.  However, we would love the girl group category to resurface and give the boys a run for their money.  With this in mind we take a listen to ‘Number 1’ by Kiss Off featuring rapper Little Dee.

The track opens with some pretty rock sounding guitar and you think, OK these girls are a bit different, are they rockers?  Then the beat and initial rhyme from Little Dee comes in and you realise, defitnitely not.  The style of Kiss Off is much more along the vein of Little Mix or Duchess than The Saturdays.  The girls have attitude and a bit of something above a normal pop act.

That being said, the harmonies do work together and they seem to complement each other when singing together.  As with most pop groups each of the girls get their own time and each has their own distinctive voice, again another positive.  The video also shows a playful side to the girls.

The formula of adding a rapper to do a rhyme or two is present here.  I have never heard of Little Dee, but he sounds pretty good for a pop rap track.  The rap also fits in to the track really well.  The whole track is really positive and upbeat and it does have a really good pop hook in it, and decent chorus that could get stuck in your head.

The track is good, a definite grower of a pop track. However, as mentioned earlier in the review, the genre is tough and seems to be at a low.  No matter how good these girls are, they may find it difficult to cut through.  The video was good in the main, but it has a really sloppy ending where a simple bit of tight editing could have removed the bit with the camera on filming the floor.  It went on too long to be a clever gag at the end.  Things like this don’t help.

We really wish the Kiss Off girls the best of luck.  They have all the makings of a good pop girl band and like we said, it would be great to get the genre back.  They need some good management and some money to help them.  Definitely one to keep an eye on though.

Let us know what you think of ‘Number 1’ by Kiss Off.  Do you think its good enough to break in to the charts and offer Little Mix a challenge?  Give us your views by posting a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or put your views on the Music Eyz Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Number 1 by Kiss Off ft Little Dee (Review)

  1. Loving these girls!!!……definitely pick them over the likes of little mix….New sound for 2013….Wishing you all the best Kiss Off xxxxxxxxx

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