Killer by Insane Macbeth ft Sub Zeez, Tony D and Ruffstylz (Review)

Review of Killer by Insane Macbeth ft Sub Zeez, Tony D & Ruffstylz

‘Killer’ starts off with an intimidating, unmerciful laugh and whispers habit breathing out killer. Then we get a very 80s/90s hip-hop bouncy beat with a reggae inspired bass line. Every few bars we get a clashing instrument to add to the suspense and climax of the track,making it more exciting as we go along.

Insane Macbeth Killer

Insane Macbeth Killer

Every artists on the beat keeps up with each other and no-one races ahead to impress  and this is not seen that often in tracks with every artist these days trying to show up their peers. However in ‘Killer’ because no-one does actually show off, all their raps compliment each other and the differences in rapping technique are highlighted and projected even further. This contrast makes the song much more unique and will definitely standout from all the other upcoming artists’ singles.

The beat, theme and range of artists reminds me a lot of ‘Monster’ which was an original track from Kanye West. ‘Killer’ is a much more youthful and fresh take on ‘Monster’ for me and nearly as good maybe even just as good as the Kanye track.

A song which shows such good skill throughout always needs a good ending to round off the beat.  After the final verse the laid back beat repeats until it all stops and an electric guitar screeches the big baseline riff with a sample used over the top. A really good track overall and a really good ending, lets hope this is the calibre of music we will continue to see from Insane Macbeth.

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Review by Bally Athwal


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