Cool Zombie by Adam Ant (Review)

Review of Cool Zombie by Adam Ant

You may remember we published an article back in April where we announced news of the comeback of Adam Ant.  At the time the comeback was a series of small gigs and appearances at Bearded Theory and Bestival festivals.

Review of Cool Zombie by Adam Ant

Review of Cool Zombie by Adam Ant

Well it seems the feedback was good, good enough to motivate Adam Ant to make a comeback single and here it is.  ‘Cool Zombie’ is Adam Ant‘s comeback single which talks about his return to London after a stint living in the US.

So what can you expect from ‘Cool Zombie’?  Does it have the make-up and frilly outfits of Adam Ant‘s previous videos? Is the track upbeat pop that gets the foot tapping?  Does the track and video take you in to a different world?

In short ‘Cool Zombie’ isn’t necessarily what you might expect from Adam Ant.  This is a definite different feel than when we all remember the dandy highwayman dancing around in his 80s hits.  But we also need to remember, Adam Ant is a lot older.  In his prime, Adam was considered somewhat a heart throb, by both women and even some men.  However he has had his well-documented problems in the past.  These experiences obviously shape the track.

On first listen of ‘Cool Zombie’ you kind of think “what the hell”? The singing seems a bit awkward, the back track is a quirky pop rock backing and the video is a bit all over the shop.  However, like with many tracks, the first listen is not the one you should base a view on.

With deeper thought and consideration there feels like different layers to the track.  Whilst rockers will probably want to come down and punch me with this next statement, I will say it anyway.  The music has a bit of a tribute to Faith No More about it.  Definitely not saying it sounds like Faith No More, but almost that the track pays homage to the rockers.  The way the guitar sound bends has an almost aboriginal feel to it.

The lyrics to the track are pretty clever.  Adam Ant raises his demons in the track and brings them to the fore.  They also explore how he is overcoming his issues.

Adam‘s vocal isn’t particularly strong and he gets overpowered by the music and backing singing during parts of the song.  Whilst he may not be in with a chance of winning the Overs category on the X Factor (not that he would want to), it does fit with the song. The whole thing is a quirky and catchy song. If you are a fan of Adam Ant, it will probably be a track you will fall in love with.  If he was trying to attract a new audience, I am not sure this is the one that offers a way in for new listeners.

Let us know what you think of ‘Cool Zombie’ by Adam Ant.  Is it the return of “Ant Music” or is it dead on the floor like a zombie?  Let us know what you think by posting a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or by commenting on the Music Eyz Facebook page.


One thought on “Cool Zombie by Adam Ant (Review)

  1. Adams back! Cool zombie is a grower but thought Vince Taylor much better. His live set on Jools Holland was the highlight of the whole show. Great new band too.

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