Lose Control by The Courteeners (Review)

Review of Lose Control by Courteeners

Never having really listened to the Courteeners before, this was something new for me to listen to. The single ‘Lose Control’, to be released on the 28th January 2013, and taken from the forthcoming album ‘Anna’ released on the 4th February.

Review of Lose Control by The Courteeners

Review of Lose Control by The Courteeners

As far as first impressions go, for me it seemed to be a good track for the Courteeners to come back with. Opening with a strong guitar melody it grabs the listener instantly and something that definitely fits in with the current climate in music. It slows down to simplistic vocals and backing beat for the verses before picking up as the chorus comes in. It also appears seemingly haunting and when watched along with the video, this is portrayed with its old style footage and black and white shots of the band.

With a somewhat catchy guitar melody, and a distinctive edge to the vocalists voice, this may appeal to newer fans however, for older Courteeners fans it may take a bit of getting used to their change of direction. After a few listens, to me it is an outstanding track and the right idea for them to experiment more with their records.

For the way music has progressed over recent years, I believe this is a great track for The Courteeners to return with, taking their style but also altering it to provide something of difference to their previous tracks. A strong track to attract new fans, but also something for the older fans to be pleased with.

Are you a fan of The Courteeners? What do you think of this comeback track? Even if like Nicky you are new to the band, let us know what you think.  Add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or post your view on the Music Eyz Facebook page.

Review by Nicky Pennycook


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